Healthcare Leader Rolls Out Enterprise Asset Management Solution

An enterprise asset management (EAM) solution developed by Colonial Systems for a large regional health plan went into full-scale operation in late June. The solution integrates Colonial’s data management, warehousing and delivery capabilities with SnapTracker™, the premier software-as-a-service (SaaS) application for life-cycle management of furniture and other workspace assets.

Colonial’s solution is expected to provide a significant boost in efficiency, responsiveness, and cost-effectiveness for the management of furniture, demountable wall systems, and other physical assets at three Boston-area client locations collectively supporting about 3,500 employees.

EAM Program Objectives and Benefits

A detailed look at the program objectives reflects the administrative, operational, and financial benefits available through enterprise asset management:

  • Complete, real-time visibility into managed inventories
  • More and smarter re-use of furniture and other asset types, thereby achieving lower total cost of ownership and higher returns on investment
  • Reduction and avoidance of new purchases
  • Quicker response to new workspace requirements, including streamlined development of project plans and budgets and shorter cycle times for product redeployment
  • Compliance with cost containment and sustainability objectives
  • Agility in addressing work force issues, market opportunities, and operational needs
  • More cost-effective use of corporate real estate

Expertise, Technology and Logistics Position Colonial for Selection

The health plan issued their RFP for asset management services in mid-2017. Besting all other bidders, Colonial Systems presented a winning combination of professional expertise, technology and logistics that is unique in the Boston region.

Our capabilities for designing and delivering enterprise asset management solutions include technology tools and a proprietary best-practices methodology that have been applied successfully for more than 20 years with many Fortune 1000 organizations in North America. They also include Colonial’s 150,000 sq ft warehouse and our furniture-services truck fleet, the largest in New England. We are proud to see our latest solution implemented by one of greater Boston’s biggest and best-known employers.

Mid-Level Service With Room for Growth

After reviewing our menu of scenario-based service options, the client’s Facility Management team selected a mid-range level of service, one that:

  • Reflects the current interests and objectives of the key stakeholders
  • Provides a granular understanding of the product inventory while leaving room for database enhancements to support advanced analyses and life-cycle management protocols
  • Takes advantage of SnapTracker’s extensive line of standard report formats
  • Reserves advanced analytical and predictive capabilities for future spending decisions

The features that the Facility Management team has designated as possible “futures” will layer nicely on top of the system configuration and data capture we’ve done so far without cause for back tracking.

Under its storage contract with Colonial Systems, the health plan client enjoys variable-cost pricing, paying only for the space they use each month. Their workspace product is professionally managed under tight physical and accounting controls. Additional cost benefits could result if the client decides to relocate the remaining functions of an existing storage facility and terminate the lease, thereby eliminating the rent, utilities, insurance, security and other fixed expenses associated with that facility.

Storehouse of Asset Management Expertise

Colonial Systems offers the storage capacity, transport capabilities, data management expertise, and strategic planning experience needed to design and implement enterprise asset management solutions for a wide variety of businesses.

Learn more about our asset management services and arrange a warehouse tour and technology demo.

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