“VC’s new office is awesome,” said Bob Caulfield, a senior principal at Visnick & Caulfield, the Back Bay architecture and interior design firm that specializes in visionary workspaces for financial, legal, technology, and professional services companies.

Bob and his co-founder, senior principal Burt Visnick, invited Colonial Systems last fall to be the installation partner for VC’s office relocation from 500 Boylston to 222 Berkeley—back-to-back connected buildings owned by Oxford Properties —so we’re especially glad to know that they’re happy with the outcome.

The reason for hiring Colonial was clear, Bob explained during a recent interview: “When it comes to choosing an installer for a Visnick & Caulfield project, there are few others I would even consider. And there’s no one I would recommend higher than Colonial Systems. When Colonial installs product, it looks like it belongs in a showroom. They make sure everything appears flawless. We wanted to tap their deep commitment to quality and value for our relocation to 222 Berkeley.”

The plan for VC’s new office allowed for the reuse of virtually all the existing furniture and demountable walls. Small quantities of newly purchased workstations and shelving would round out the furniture requirements.

Colonial dismantled VC’s furnishings in 500 Boylston, then moved everything down the passenger elevator in that building, through the long underground parking garage to the freight elevator for 222 Berkeley, and up to the second floor. The job was accomplished in three phases in February and March, starting with take-down and reinstallation of the Teknion Optos demountable walls. The rest of the product set consisted of Allsteel workstations, Bernhardt private offices, and miscellaneous ancillary furniture.

One ancillary piece deserving special mention is the new Beachley banquette designed and made for the VC lobby. The large monolithic banquette—the bench and wall areas together measure about 8 feet by 10 feet—was delivered as a single piece to 500 Boylston. Our furniture team needed to use the elevator there to get the banquette down to the parking garage, where they could then roll it to the 222 Berkeley elevator for the trip to the second floor. Colonial is the Boston region installer of record for Beachley, which specializes in designing and building custom furniture and millwork.

Colonial Systems was in good company as part of the contractor group assembled by Visnick & Caulfield:

  • Structure Tone, well known for its work in high-end commercial interiors, was the general contractor for VC’s tenant improvement. Adam Finley was Structure Tone’s project manager. Ryan Eisenhauer was the site superintendent.
  • Union Office Interiors, a leading Allsteel dealer, was the dealer of record. Ron Scott (VP Operations) and Rich Poverman (VP Sales) provided overall project management on VC’s behalf.
  • Officeworks, the 2016 Teknion Dealer of the Year, provided project management for the architectural wall aspects of the job through CEO Mark Loughlin and Architectural Products Designer/Project Manager Brian Leahy.

Bob Caulfield complimented Colonial’s field staff, including those involved in the VC relocation, for consistently demonstrating “enthusiasm, professionalism and efficiency.”

Jason Theroux was our foreman for the architectural walls team, which also included Lewis Cordeiro, Sean Cregg and Mathew Finlayson. Jeff Ferstler was our furniture foreman, with an installation team consisting of Jimmie Ferstler, William Gaunt, Thomas Hottleman, Jason Leonhart, Russell Loder, Daniel McGraw, Vincent Migliore, Joseph Montoya, Freddy Morales, Jorge Torres-Martinez, and Christopher Walker.

Tyler Dyer provided project management services for the furniture moves and installations. Senior VP Ray Theberge represented Colonial senior management. Ray handled the preliminary planning with VC’s project lead, Senior Associate Daniela Maher, and remained involved throughout the job to help assure smooth sailing.

Our thanks to all the companies and individuals involved in the project for great cooperation and professionalism. Special thanks to Visnick & Caulfield for the opportunity to show once again how Colonial Systems is redefining possible.