A STATEMENT of IMPACT! Colonial Systems is proud to have participated in and sponsored The 9th Annual Eco-Carpentry Challenge presented by #thefurnituretrust.

Colonial picked up and delivered donated used office furniture for #NashobaValleyTechnicalHighSchool in Westford and #ShawsheenValleyRegionalHighschool in Billerica to be utilized for the 2019 student designs.

The annual Eco-Carpentry Challenge promotes resourcefulness and recycling and provides an opportunity for students to develop their creative carpentry skills while demonstrating their commitment to recycling by creating new products from used office furniture.

A big thank you to some of the additional Sponsors of the event which included #creativeofficepavillion#redthreadspaces#officeworksinc#environmentsatwork #peabodyofficefurniture.

Click to learn more about this wonderful event and check back to view the 2019 winners!

Source: https://www.thefurnituretrust.org/2019-eco-carpentry-challenge

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