Whether asked to bid on a new project for a new client or working with an existing client, Paul and Sam are the team behind Colonial’s furniture installation proposals and quotes. They spend time getting to know our client’s project details and complexities in order to accurately provide pricing and installation schedule estimates. The scope of work, key dates and milestones are all part of the preliminary estimating process. In many cases, Sam and Paul visit job sites to see first-hand what the scope of work will entail. Site considerations such as access, condition, safety and security are part of their evaluation. They also assess product considerations such as product complexity and configuration variations. An accurate estimate from the start sets our project management and operations teams up for success in the end.

Paul joined Colonial Systems 8 years ago with more than 35 years of experience in the office furniture installation industry. Sam joined the team over 6 years ago after studying at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI. Paul and Sam also happen to have the most ‘active’ office at Colonial Systems and keep their blood flowing and calories burning while they work!
In her spare time, Sam enjoys painting, drawing, writing and reading. Criminal psychology is her favorite subject to read about. Paul can be found working on home improvement projects, spending time with his grandchildren, or leading scouting groups on hikes in the White Mountains.
Have a project you’d like us to bid on? Contact Sam and Paul at estimates@colonialsystems.com